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Ultimate Battle is a fast-paced, wild ride of a game. With our deck of Ultimate Battle cards, pens, paper, and imagination you’ll face off against your opponents. If you can think fast, think outside the box, and stay clever… you just may stand a chance of surviving!

Great for adults and kids alike, Ultimate Battle challenges players to come up with the wackiest, wildest, most awesome illustrations they can. The game's all played on a paper battlefield, with each player scribbling their heroesscratching out their enemies, and doodling their defenses!

And hey, creativity's great for kids! Ultimate Battle gets the youngsters away from the video games and talking to each other. We've seen some of the best card combos come from our youngest players!

Sit down across from your foes. Draw five cards from the Ultimate Battle deck. Plan your attack, sketch it on the paper to bring it to life, and watch as your adversary struggles to create a defense. After your opponent defends, it’s their turn to attack! Devastating battle has never been so simple. We made sure the rules stayed out of the way of the fun, and with a simple mechanic of “Disagreement Cards” disputes are settled in seconds.