It's On A Boat

Hey Battlers! We’ve got great news! Ultimate Battle is on a boat headed for NYC! We’ve got an ETA of March 15th for port, then it has to go through customs, and then it makes a short trip from customs to UB HQ. As soon as we get our mitts on it, we’ll start shipping to backers! Woo hoo!

And as if this news wasn’t awesome enough, wait until you hear the name of our ship: The Ever Legacy! What does that even mean? We don’t know, but we’re stoked! Wish us smooth sailing, folks!

WARNING: Below video expresses how excited we are about our game being ON A BOAT, but it's very NSFW b/c of naughty words.

Where's My Boat?

Hey Ultimate Battlers! We are so, so close to the finish line here! We just received a notice that that game is printed, packed, and ready to ship, we’re just waiting for the boat to pick it up and sail it to NYC. Holy Smokes, we feel like a bunch of pirates over here!

Expected delivery should hit us around Mid-March.

Ahoy, Land Ho, Walk the deck, Avast ye… eh whatever, we’re not great at being pirates.

   Boxes and boxes of Ultimate Battle!


Boxes and boxes of Ultimate Battle!