Who We Are

HELLO! We're Gamecor. We're a group of game loving entrepreneurs and we're here to have fun. We believe games are better when you can see your opponent. We believe games are more fun when you've got to use your imagination. We believe that strategy and creativity aren't mutually exclusive, and in our world thinking outside the box and laughing with (at) your friends are some of the most important things you can do.

What We Do

We're on a mission to develop new ways to game while keeping fun first. Ultimate Battle, our first game, is a milestone in our journey. We've made a game that anyone, anywhere can pick up and play easily. It's a game where all you need is your wits. The possibilities are limitless... but you've got to think fast! Ultimate Battle has captured the imagination of a wide range of people, from kids to thirty-somethings, from grandparents to babysitters. The time has come for a game that doesn't restrain your imagination. The time has come for a game that encourages collaboration, creativity, innovation, and community.

What's Up Next

We're currently committed to bringing our first game to as wide a reach of people as possible. But what's coming down the road? Stay tuned... it's gonna be fun!


Our Story Coming soon!